How to write an opinion paper on an article

Click here to order your copy in print. Once students read the article about pennies, they were ready to form an opinion. Other teachers in my building use the resources for their grade level as well. A couple weeks into our persuasive writing unit and I have already seen a lot of progress from our very first efforts.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing

As climate scientists, we expect to run into trolls more than most. Retool it for Labor Day. Sample Five-Paragraph Essay Subject: You need to offer a better alternative. Analyze the arguments that you have gathered.

A great one to have in your classroom is: Do that and you can explain to your audience what is happening in a way that directly relates to them. Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets!

Unless you have fought in the Iraq war, have lost a family member there or are from Iraq, your chances of selling a piece about it are slim.


Find at least one quote that backs up each point that you have. If readers like your first line, they are prepared to give the second line and then the third a go. This sets the reader up to enter your story with a preconceived position and emotion that can completely take the wind out of your opening sentence and even the entire article.

To make sure your op-ed landed where it was directed, follow up politely within a week. You have a point, so make it. Other commenters will soon pick up the thread of an argument. Opinion papers by nature require you to state an opinion or take a position on a specific issue and defend that position.

Write a definitive conclusion. Provide the most compelling reasons last and the least compelling reasons first.Writing an opinion paper for college can be a daunting task for new college students. Opinion papers by nature require you to state an opinion or take a position on a specific issue and defend that position.

If you feel confident about your essay-writing skills, you can certainly branch out into longer and more complex essays. But this basic five-paragraph outline is a good starting point, especially if you feel uncertain of your ability. An opinion essay exists to prove your main point – your thesis.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing By Genia Connell. Grades 1–2, 3–5 Our state standards spell it out pretty clearly. the students were ready to get started putting their thoughts on paper. At this time, I introduced our OREO graphic writing organizer.

How to Analyze an Article to Write an Essay.

10 Rules for Writing Opinion Pieces

Julia Klaus Updated July 19, Home» The Rewrite. Strong essay writing and research skills are important for success in high school and college. One common type of essay is an article analysis essay. Its purpose is to evaluate the ideas or arguments presented in the article.

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WRITING A NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL OR COLUMN. Editorial or Column. An opinion essay is an opportunity to express your feelings on an issue or topic you feel passionately about.

How to Write an Opinion Paper for College

You can make your argument even stronger by substantiating your opinions with logical arguments and credible evidence.

How to write an opinion paper on an article
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