How to write a comment on a employee appraisal sample

Whenever new projects arise, Jennifer is always at the front asking for additional responsibility. Negative Jim should work on his active listening skills over the next year.

Kevin has a knack for changing directions when presented with new information. Cooperation Positive One of the postitives from this past year has been how Shirley has cooperated through the difficult company merger.

Explain How Duties Changed In an age of constant disruption, companies must quickly adapt to seize unexpected opportunities. Usually needs direct supervision, even for mundane and everyday tasks.

Annual appraisals provide feedback to employees on their strengths and weaknesses on the job. Leadership Positive Terry leads by example. The process starts with you and your boss separately completing an appraisal document commenting on your job performance. Stress Accomplishments The biggest mistake employees make in the appraisal process is failing to prepare.

Negative George has a tendency to interrupt others while they are speaking and does not pay adequate attention to what they are saying. Usually adjusts well to changes in the work place. Give Context to Not Meeting Goals Perhaps you failed to meet all your goals due to the emergence of different priorities or factors outside your control.

Time Management Positive Ted has an innate ability for managing his time. Displays strong analytical skills. Sets priorities and adjusts them as needed when unexpected situations arise.

Kevin has earned a great deal of respect from his employees and managers. Tim is very reliable in his attendedance and consistently shows up on time.

Jim is a very effective multitasker. Fred uses a planner to keep himself on-task and on-time. Negative Todd is continually late for work and should work on this over the next few months to improve in this area.

Negative Lilly has difficulty accounting for her time and is consistently late putting her timesheet in.

Encourages team bonding activities Brings new ideas and techniques to promote collaboration within the team Harbors and builds strong relationships with the team members Displays a cooperative and harmonious nature Proactively shares expertise with the rest of the team Delegation Abilities of Employees at a Senior Level While writing about the delegation abilities of an employee, you can use the following examples: Jolie needs to improve on how she communicates bad news to her management team.

Harry does not pace himself effectively and has inconsistent work patterns. Jim likes to set high goals for himself, but infrequently can achieve these goals. Listening Skills Todd has mastered the art of active and focused listening. Frank fails to demonstrate even the basic skillset required for this position.

Heather always creates a positive and inclusive work environment. Reports are accurate and well written using proper grammar and punctuation. Jim has improved his listening skills significantly over the past year.

Negative Doug frequently takes all of the credit for successes and blames others for failures. Created opportunities for employees in areas pertaining to….

Brian frequently has to ask questions for topics which were explained to him. Attendance and Punctuality Positive Jim has been a valued member of team by always being someone we can count on. Negative Jack should work to improve his abilities in goal setting.

Though not in a management role, Russ consistently demonstrates leadership abilities through his work pace and productivity. Looks for ways to streamline procedures to improve efficiency and customer service.

Is not able to think independently or to deal with unexpected occurrences. Phone messages are often unclear or incomplete. Susan works with customers until their problems are resolved and often goes an extra step to help upset customers be completely surprised by how far we will go to satisfy customers.

One of the areas we want Tom to work on this year is his tendency to blame others when his goals or objectives are not met. Did not make sure that all subordinates were productive at all times, which is a daily requirement of this job.Writing out a dozen performance reviews can be hard enough, yet alone coming up with the best way to say things without it being taken the wrong way!

This would be a list of the good, bad, and ugly, so I hope it helps you as you begin to review your employees. Below are examples of comments that would support individual ratings.

These are generic in nature and examples only. Performance comments should be tailored to the individual employee and be based on the employee's individual performance expectations. According to the Houston Chronicle, good comments to include on an employee evaluation include constructive and specific remarks about the employee's performance, problem areas, and future goals.

Criticisms can address an employee's demeanor, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, customer. Both give you sample employee review comments that you can use as "building blocks" for the written feedback you provide your employees in their performance appraisal.

You can then easily modify or adjust the sample comments be even more specific. Check out some sample employee performance review comments for a selection of our. Linked to: Maintain customer satisfaction rating of 85%, as measured by quarterly sample and annual customer satisfaction surveys.

Due date: Self-appraisal example comment. How to Write a Great Self Appraisal in Six Steps. Mar 30,  · You and your boss then meet to see if you are in agreement. Generally, you can add employee comments on your supervisor’s appraisal form, which allows .

How to write a comment on a employee appraisal sample
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