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Lab Labs involve field trips as well as in-class exercises from several Lab books and the Internet. Summaries of Lecture notes will be posted there, along with one in-class Lab exercise, most of the Lab homework assignments, syllabus, announcements, exam information, and links to many environmental geology Web sites.

For all in-class Lab exercises, bring a calculator and ruler to Lab. Presentations are given at the beginning of class.

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During field trips, students will take notes, which will be handed in at the end of the trip and graded. Directions to Abbott Power Plant will be provided.

Help Protect the Earth. You will complete the assigned in-class exercise during Lab time and hand in the completed assignment by the end of the Lab period unless Eric approves a later completion date.

This Web site has many annotated links to environmental geology Web sites, a section on study tips, and numerous quiz questions. Everyone will also write a 1-paragraph summary of the news note and a 1-paragraph summary of the environmental tip.

News Note and Environmental Tip Everyone will give a 3 - 5 minute oral presentation that summarizes both a relatively recent news story involving environmental geology and an environmental tip, i.

The environmental tip does not have to be related to the environmental news story, although it Geol 11 manual be. Excellent sources for environmental tips are the following books on reserve in the Geology Library: If possible, you should also attach a printed copy of the original environmental news story to your summary.

More specific information about exams will be given closer to each exam time. During Lab time, there are four field trips. The final exam covers only the last half of the semester. You will go to a Web page where you can register for this Web site using the access code that came with your Lecture textbook new copies only to create a login and password.

Earthworks Press, Berkeley, CA, 96 p. Transportation will be provided to all field trip locations except for the Abbott Power Plant, which you will need to get to by yourself. Additional details will be announced closer to the field trip date.

We will visit a strip surface mine for coal near Terre Haute, IN, a rock quarry near Charleston, IL, a proposed site for disposal of low-level radioactive waste, and glacial deposits. Written summaries are due the same day as the oral presentation. During the trip, students will take notes, which will be handed in at the end of the trip and graded.

Three field trips are to local environmental facilities and one field trip is to a geologic outcrop: To accommodate the landfill tour, Lecture class is canceled on March Environmental news stories from newspapers and the Internet should be no more than a few weeks old, but news stories from magazines can be up to 1 - 2 years old.

Students will bring a sack lunch. These oral presentations will begin on Jan. NHB, altaner illinois. Assignments in Applied Geology 3 rd ed.

Potential sources for environmental news stories include newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. For all field trips, you must arrive by the scheduled time to avoid missing the trip. Exam format is mostly short answer questions, which usually can be answered with a few words or sentences, or up to 1 - 2 paragraphs.

Stephen AltanerNatural History Bldg. Brown CA, 88 p. To access this Web site, go to the above Web site and then click on the icon for our textbook, Introduction to Environmental Geology, 4e.

Internet Sites for Environmental News Stories. There also will be some multiple choice, true-false, and matching questions. There is a list of Internet sources at the end of this section. One exam is given during class time on March 3 and one during finals week.

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For a couple of the Labs, you will read introductory information, which will be on reserve in the Geology Library NHB.PHYSICAL GEOLOGY, Fall GEOL MWF, a VIN Professor: James W. Ward, Ph.D., P.G. Office: VIN Phone: Lesson 9 Quiz Due Oct 1 at pm Points 30 Questions 27 Time Limit 70 Minutes Instructions Attempt History Attempt Time Score LATEST Attempt 1 4 minutes 30 out of 30 Score for this quiz: 30 out of 30 Submitted Oct 15 at pm This attempt took 4 minutes.

Lesson 9 Quiz - Geologic Time BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ, locate the Multiple Choice Quiz at the end of Lesson 9 in the Lab Manual and. The Geology of Planet Earth lab complements the Geology of Planet Earth lecture. You will be able to take the ideas and concepts from the lecture and apply them to lab exercises.

JEOL JSMA LaB6 FILAMENT OPERATION (See JEOL A Manual for Details) IMPORTANT: Make sure you are aware of whether the filament currently installed is a tungsten or LaB6.

is in the position and adjust SE IMAGE BRIGHT and CONT until a dim sweep can be observed. 3 LABORATORY TOPICS AND QUIZ DATES Before each lab, you will be expected to read the appropriate section(s) in the lab manual that pertain to the.

GEOL – Exploring Planet Earth, SectionSpring Tuesday/Thursday, AM, CBC-A 1/19/11 3/5 Changes to Syllabus: The above lecture schedule is tentative; adjustments to the schedule of topics and reading assignments may be made in accordance with the rate of progress in.

Geol 11 manual
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