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While many Americans are troubled by what they feel is offensive speech, and feel that it should be restricted by law, advocates of the third Essays about censorship in movies disagree.

For some, censorship can either hurt a community or raise its values to higher standards. Also most things being censored will be seen by most people in their lives anyway. It appears to me that this is a case in which people want to blame someone or something, and he is the easiest and most obvious choice.

The government should stop trying to control the way the U. They want to brainwash the children so they will stop corruption in the world. Although these ratings allow parents to protect their children from bad things, if a show is on TV it should be viewable by all audiences.

Censorship dates back as far as the age of antiquity and further with Socrates being one of the first notable figures to perish at its hands. However some choose to express them in their lyrics, but they are still just words.

For many parts of the world, the eyes of the people are closed to the secrets carried in their government due to censorship which has been attributed to the concealment of: Why would a thirteen year old person not be allowed to watch this movie?

Although mob violence is a terrible thing, it has happened and will continue to happen. For example, children most likely will not say no.

The MTV executives also sent the video for this song back because of the explicit, sexual images. Certainly, it can be said that there are some things that we probably should not know or see due to its graphic nature and ability to disrupt the emotional well-being of our otherwise happy lives.

Therefore their songs are representations of their mood and thoughts at the time. In America, the freedoms granted by the 1st amendment to the Constitution are often called into question by censorship.

How can the American Medical Association have jurisdiction over the music industry and say what its product effects? Conclusion Censorship may not always be fully understood or appreciated by those it is designed to "protect", but it is sometimes needed for the building of the core values of youth.

I disagree with this method because it changes the way that the producer of these shows or movies intended them to be. However, censorship does protect the innocence in situations where safety can be compromised. They feel that there is more harm in restricting free speech than by the offensive speech itself.

Although in this movie there is a lot of violence and killing but these things are happening everyday.

Some say that the government should regulate the music industry. For example, inAndy Rooney, a CBS news correspondent, was suspended for his racist remark, "Blacks have watered down their genes because the less intelligent ones Censorship in TV is a bad thing and should be reconsidered.

If TV stations plan on cutting out scenes they should not air the show or movie at all. The first is the possibility of government censorship, which would include laws and penalties for breaking these laws.Essay Censorship From "Obscene" Material Today, in the 's, citizens in our society are being bombarded with obscene material from every direction.

From the hate lyrics of Gun's 'N Roses to the satanic lyrics of Montley Crue and Marilyn Manson to the sexually explicit graphical content of today's movies, the issue is how much society is going to permit and where we, as a society, should we.

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A View on Censorship in Music and the Government

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Censorship in Movies

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Should There Be Censorship On Arts And Film Media Essay.

Censorship in movies

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