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When illegal immigrants fall ill, they go to the same hospitals that are meant to citizens and sometimes fail to pay their medical bills. Even though most Americans support the new law, quite a number of cities have staged protests against the Arizona immigration law.

Just like native-born Arizona citizens, immigrants pay personal taxes, such as income tax and property tax, business taxes, among them corporate profits taxes, and sales taxes. Immigrants are predominantly drawn to the United States in search of arizona immigration law college essay economic opportunity; large numbers of these immigrants are in the Arizona workforce.

Con Arguments Though issues such as use of excessive force by the police, bad press image of the Arizonian government and international relations have a big stake in the great opposition being experienced against this law, racial profiling is the most prevalent issue among opponents of the Arizona immigration law Archibold, n.

Conversely, the extent to which law enforcement authorities fail to enforce illegal immigration laws may be the extent to which they are viewed as being malfeasant in the prosecution of their official duties.

If all undocumented workers were expelled, Arizona would lose Immigrants living and working in Arizona make significant contributions to state, making SB an unwise bill for Arizona economically.

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I find this ironic, hence the law allows law enforcement to determine the immigration status of individuals who they reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants. People everywhere have their own view and beliefs on this issue. In that regard, a policeman can unjustifiably decide to take on a suspect based on racial grounds without being charged under a court of law.

This statement holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans who make up the bulk of the unauthorized population. I find it rather mindboggling that some Americans feel this law is not a step towards racism.

To determine the optimal course of action for law enforcement authorities faced with these conflicting priorities, this paper reviews the relevant literature including a discussion of so-called "sanctuary cities"…… [Read More] References Armajani, B.

With regards to social costs and jobs, proponents of this law claim that the Arizona immigration law may save the government and the American citizens from social costs arising from illegal immigrants and competition of jobs respectively.

Moreover, the proponents claim that the law on illegal immigration could lower federal social costs and combat delinquency in Arizona and the United States. Rapidly removing undocumented workers will have severe consequences for the state.

Opponents claim that the grounds of suspicion offered by the law are not clear and the law therefore gives excessive mandate to law enforcers. In the long run, Arizonans should take into consideration not only the potential costs of implementation and defending the state against lawsuits.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: We should instead, recognize those before us who took the leap of coming to America and thank their hard work, as well as what they risked to be here. The economic output of immigrant workers in the state of all goods and services produced in the economy was eighty four point six billion dollars, and the output of undocumented immigrant workers was more than forty two billion dollars CFAP.

Moreover, the federal government has remained dormant on the issue for a very long time hence prompting the public to support any solution that comes their way regarding this issue Smith, n.

Since the hospitals have to continue running, these costs are transferred to the government and the taxpayers and this is an economic setback to the entire U. Sociological Viewpoints, 30 1 Conclusion Illegal immigration is undoubtedly a big issue in the United States of America and Arizonian lawmakers and their supporters claim that introduction of the Arizona immigration law may be the best solution for this menace.May 26,  · The objective of this work in writing is to briefly explain Arizona's SB legislation and outline the flaws in the arguments against SB and will as well examine how Arizona's Immigration Law SB is reflective of federal law.

Essay on Immigration Law Reform Words | 10 Pages Immigration reform has been making the news for many years - since Arizona passed SB and Alabama passed HB Arizona’s Immigration Law Essay Words 4 Pages It is clear that illegal immigration has gotten out of control and constringent measures need to be taken to protect the United States borders.

Aug 02,  · In the recent years immigration has become a controversial topic in America. People everywhere have their own view and beliefs on this issue. The latest and possibly the most talked about issue is Arizona’s immigration bill. In AprilArizona. Arizona Immigration state Law essay, buy custom Arizona Immigration state Law essay paper cheap, Arizona Immigration state Law essay paper sample, Arizona Immigration state Law essay sample service online.

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Arizona’s new immigration law, known as SB or Senate Billwas approved by Arizona lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. Signed April 23,the law provoked massive public attention both locally and internationally.

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